Dealer Spotlight: Mid-Town Ford

Before Car Media 2.0:

Mid-Town Ford was consistent with Used but New Inventory was 90% using stock photos. That was their biggest issue. It was also difficult

for people there to get caught up (they were shooting photos themselves)

What was missing from your old process?

Organization and accountability – there wasn’t pressure to get it done but having Car Media 2.0 to do it, makes them accountable because they want to make sure they fulfill their end for our photographers.

Has Car Media 2.0 satisfied your needs?

DEFINITELY – we’ve seen an increase on iLead increases on all platforms , but having real photos vs stock photos has made a huge difference.

How has this impacted your leads/performance?

We’ve had better quality leads. “I can tell by our closing rate having increased by 60% in our first month with you guys (December).”

What do you like most about our photography?

The photographers that come in are easy to get along with, they’re very helpful with our process, they’re always on time. They get things done quickly. Our lot manager says they’re great to work with as well.

The pictures are great quality…our pictures before weren’t the best, just used a phone and wasn’t that clear.

The actual photos that are taken help show our features better

The backgrounds were a big part of our issue when we’re transitioning through the seasons. The seasonal adjustments Car Media 2.0 does saves us a lot of time. Having consistent backgrounds is very beneficial and saves a lot of time.

What kind of feedback have you heard?

Sales staff have said it’s so much easier to communicate with their internet lead customers when everything is online for them


Since Car Media 2.0, from November to now in December, we’re up 5% in sales (typically December is a slower month and at the time of this interview, December wasn’t over yet).

Overall traffic from showroom and phone calls have gone down and internet leads have gone up A LOT

A huge thank you to Danica Salamat from Mid-Town Fords Marketing Manager for taking the time to share her story. We’re glad that we can be a part of their success and quality lead generation!