Deliver the best first impression exactly to where it matters most, the palm of your client’s hand.


Full Serve.

Your entire inventory:
  • Scheduled
  • Shot
  • Brand Compliant
  • Syndicated
(all hands free)
Compliant with
Brand Photo Guidelines for:

plus: vehicle staging

Sunroof Open
NAV Turned On
Dirty Engine Bay Skipped
Steering Wheel Straightened
Backup Cam Activated
Paper Floormats Removed


A great photo is easy. A great photo every time across your entire inventory is a solid process.
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  • 2-5 Visits per week (At no extra cost)
  • Automatic Uploads & Syndication (to all your existing platforms)
  • Online Next Day(AM) (quicker in some cases if using app)
  • Plus Vehicle Staging (NAV ON. sunroof open, back up cam, paper floor mats removed, steering wheel straight, etc.)


Background Design

No need for expensive staging areas. Choose an existing digital background or see what they look like designed from the ground up
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  • Image Enhancement Grain removedImage sharpenedAdjusted for Sunny Days / OvercastColor Temp Balanced
  • Color correction Authentic color correction for both exteriors and interiors demonstrates the trim varieties in true detail.
  • High-Res Quality Great care has been taken in the compression of our photos so that the quality going out of the camera translates to the platforms you host them on


The Future is in Motion.
Green circle Yello triangle Black square
Hotspots that do something Transparency is everything Smart Tech behind the scenes
Engage consumers with detailed photo or video content that is interactive and differentiates your inventory from your competitors. Trust comes out of the box with this feature. Describe and capture exactly the spot, severity, and type of damage or wear. The media you capture undergoes many background processes that center and stabilize the images, correct the color temperature for true tones, saturate, sharpen, replace exterior backgrounds, add dealer slides, and finally add logos and contact us info.


On Demand

Goodbye traditional stock photos.
  • 25 Real Photos
  • Branded with your backgrounds & logos
  • 100% seasonally adjusted
  • Online the moment it hits your DMS
  • Year / make / model / trim / color specific
ZERO logistics coordinating capture
ZERO seasonal re-shoots
ZERO lot damage liability
ZERO added costs for re-conditioning
Currently available for Honda, Toyota, KIA, Hyundai, VW
GM, Ford. CHRYSLER, Mazda, Infiniti, Nissan.
No Dealer Logo
No Branded Background
No Contact Information
Not Seasonally Adjusted
Not a Photorealistic Car
Not SEO Optimized Photo

Stock Vs. Real

There is something more attainable and real
about an actual photo. But you be the judge.
155% more VDPs for listings with custom photos vs. a stock photo

*AutoTrader.com Core Site Data

239% more VDPs for listings with custom photos vs. no photo

*AutoTrader.com Core Site Data

70% of shoppers do not click through from a VLP to a VDP on a listing with a stock photo

*Cobalt Inventory Shopping Experience Study


Duplicate the Rest.

Our NEW X 2.0 software identifies matching vehicles in your inventory and clones the images you (or we) take for the remaining models automatically.

Our Tools in

Your Hands

Your in-house solution developed by veteran photographers and refined by dealers.
I do not want to train  (or re-train new staff) on taking photos.
No problem.
I want my staff to be independent and keep track of what needs to be captured.
No problem.
I want to capture inventory as soon as it lands using my staff.
No problem.


Powerful Results

Follow the simple stencil guides to achieve perfect consistency on every car.

1. Select Inventory


2. Capture


3. Upload


in under




Phone Quality

The sharp images coming out of today's
phones are beginning to blur the lines
12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras
Wide-angle: f/1.8 aperture
Exposure control
Noise reduction
Auto HDR for photos
Auto image stabilization
4K Video recording at 24 fps, 30 fps or 60 fps.
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Plus these

Full-Serve Benefits

No Hidden Fees
Custom Photo Set
You OWN the Data
Your Choice of Branding
Turn Key from the start
OEM Compliance
No-Charge DMS Integration
No-Charge Seasonal Background Swaps
No-Charge SEO Optimized Photos
+In House Support Team
Note: You can download the app, but to use it
           you will need to obtain a login.

Every car shot exactly the same using your custom photo set.


Every image set branded with CPO National Locator Backgrounds, OEM logos, and CPO Benefit slides


Every dealer scheduled, photographed and uploaded hands free.

2.0 Hub

A center console tying it all together.
Track your capture operation
Know exactly what was or wasn't shot, and why.
Stay organized
Easily find, select or prioritize cars you need captured
right away.
Keep moving forward
Sit back, monitor, and let us do the rest.

Media Integration Partners Helping Bring Your Cars to Digital Screens Everywhere

"Our closing rate has increased by 60% in our first month with Car Media 2.0"
Our closing rate has increased by 60% in our first month with Car Media 2.0 and the leads are a better quality. Plus, we’re up 5% in sales!
Danica Salamat​, Marketing Manager​, Mid Town Ford​
"Our VDR/SRP ratio has doubled since we started using Car Media 2.0"
The Car Media platform provides the flexibility that we need to create a unique and powerful identity for the dealership... Our VDR/SRP ratio has doubled since we started using Car Media 2.0... Which has translated into our dramatically higher used car sales. I would highly recommend the Car Media 2.0 platform and the team behind it
Gordon Wright, Digital Marketing Manager, Woodbine Nissan
"They bring our inventory to life with the pictures they take"
Our experience with this company has been nothing but great since the beginning. They bring our inventory to life with the pictures they take. It has made a difference in the responses from leads and customers. Highly recommend to any dealer who is looking to highlight their inventory for a reasonable cost.
Ken Thrasher, Dealer Principal, Ken Thrasher Sales
"It feels like they are more of a partner than a vendor."
We have used Car Media for a couple of years. We have 3 locations across Canada and use Car Media for all of them. We love the quality and the consistency of the pictures. The customer service truly is some of the best I have experienced in the service industry. It feels like they are more of a partner than a vendor. Great people to work with.
Sam Comisarow, Used Car Sales Manager, Auto One Group
"I always recommend them."
Easy to deal with.  Always on Time.  
Great staff!  I always recommend them.
Vince Pietrantuono​, Zanchin Automotive Group​
"I love this company."
I love this company. I am the Marketing Coordinator for a Ford and Lincoln Dealership and they have made our brand image so much more professional. Not only are they easy to deal with but they have quick turnaround times and exceptionally skilled at what they do. I can't recommend them enough.
Rhiannon Millard​, Marketing Coordinator​, Merlin Ford​